Gorillarolls Founder Mohamad M Al Mousawi Promoted to Jiu-jitsu Black Belt
Gorillarolls, founded by our current CEO Mohamad M. Al Mousawi in early 2018, emerged in late 2019. As the COVID-19 crisis unfolded, many businesses faltered, but Gorillarolls seized the opportunity aiming to be one of the top Jiu Jitsu brands in the UAE.
Recognizing a gap in the market, our founder and CEO Mohamad Al Mousawi set out to revolutionize fighting fashion by creating a high-end Jiu-jitsu designer brand offering high quality & fashionable lines.
Driven by his personal style mantra, "I want to make and sell what I want for myself," Mohamad studied the market and worked on various fashion projects before officially launching Gorillarolls in mid-2020 with limited funds but boundless ambition.
Beyond crafting exceptional sports tapes, Gorillarolls sets fashion trends and manufactures exclusive apparel that distinguishes us from other lifestyle and sports brands.
In the realm of fashion, we deliver well-fitted, high-quality garments that excel in both aesthetics and function. Gorillarolls is much more than an ordinary brand; we design, manufacture, and retail fashion and lifestyle apparel. Moreover, we produce our own sports tapes for support, prevention, and protection, as well as our own all-purpose sports mats.
"Quality, Fitting, Design" are the guiding principles behind each Gorillarolls product. We cater to the needs of both athletes and casual consumers, aimed for local and international markets.
Our online ordering process is streamlined for ease, ensuring the delivery of ingeniously engineered, high-quality products. As the Jiu Jitsu industry rapidly evolves, our goal is to become the leading brand locally, throughout the GCC, and eventually on an international scale.
The game is changing and we are here to lead.